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Instagram LIVE is Getting Updated

Instagram plans on releasing a new feature that will be a true game-changer! The popular social media app will be launching a LIVE video feature that will allow users to go LIVE with multiple participants at once.  This new feature will allow up to four users in a LIVE video at once as well as [...]

Facebook Tips for Customer Loyalty

With competition at its highest due to the abundance of online retailers during the COVID-19 pandemic brand and customer loyalty is in danger of becoming a thing of the past.  Consumers are finding the goods that they need through different companies and tending to repeat business at certain brands or businesses less and less.  Brand [...]

Instagram’s New Dashboard Feature

Instagram is unveiling a new feature that will allow influencers and users alike to maximize their content by offering tips and tricks to not only grow their platform but also increase their engagement rates and interactions. The main components of this new feature offered by Instagram will allow users to grow their brand through branded [...]

Planning Tweets and a Twitter Strategy Make for Effective Social Media

Jumping right into 2021 and not wasting any time in the new year Twitter recently unveiled their guide to help with effective social media techniques for their users.  Given the uncertainty that ensued last year, it was hard for companies and influencers to market events and specific dates with everything being up in the air.  [...]

Personalizing Social Media Posts

  Personalizing social media accounts is a leading initiative for businesses, brands, and influencers in 2021.  Personalizing multiple social media channels for a brand or business means giving the platform a personal voice and tone. It not only makes the account more cohesive but it gives the account personality and helps the followers and consumers [...]

Facebook Updates Page Likes and Follows

Facebook is rolling out a new feature that will change the way people follow and like pages. This new update, Page Experience will allow users to “Like” a page but not necessarily require that they “Follow” the page. In the past when a person liked a page the person automatically followed them and would from [...]

Instagram Reels are the Go-To 2021 Social Media Tool

Instagram is one of, if not the most important social media platforms being used by professionals in today’s bustling market.  Predicting consumer’s wants and needs is not always as simple as it seems.  Capturing their attention and “Follow” based on a single post or a short video clip may soon be a way of the [...]