Managing Your Company’s Online Profile
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Managing Your Company’s Online Profile

You already know the importance about your company’s online presence. You want your business to appear in search results, and customers to reach out to you. Is your contact information up to date on Google? Are you building brand loyalty with strategic and informative content on Instagram? What are you doing to manage it all?

Typically, you already have a digital profile, even if you are not active on social media or publishing content. Without management, your online profile may be confusing. Managing social media platforms, search engine results, responding to messages and even updating your website is very time consuming. That is where we step in. When you work with MILE Social you will have a designated account representative working on YOUR behalf, creating and posting captivating content, and communicating with your target audience. Do you have a change in holiday hours? We will update this for you. Have a new service to offer? We’ll let everyone know!

Increased exposure is the most commonly cited advantage of using social media for marketing purposes among global industry professionals.*

The idea of being mindful about what people are seeing online is not about vanity, but reputation. Managing your business offers the opportunity to show potential customers you care and can fulfill their needs. There’s a lot of clutter out there, and your company cannot afford to get lost in misleading search results. Let’s start building and improving your profile today!

* Statista, 2019