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Can you check engagement and how posts are doing on Instagram?

Yes! You’re able to get an insight into your followers so you can know what types of posts are working and that are being engaged with regularly and which posts are not.

What are some benefits to adding Instagram?

You are able to update your bio at any time and can post updates instantly for customers and followers to see.

How can my company build a presence on Instagram?

Instagram is a great platform for brand awareness. Be consistent and responsive to your posts. If someone comments on a post, take the conversation off-line, and see how you can help them. Doing this also shows the potential customer they are speaking with a real person and not just a bot.

Should my company be using Instagram?

Images and videos are the most engaging form of content and Instagram was created to support both. If your company has a visual product or service, then yes, you should be using Instagram. Or if you post engaging images, then yes. Instagram works best for B2C company’s because the image speaks directly to the customer. [...]

Can Everyone See What I Write On Social Media?

For the most part, yes, everything you put out on social media is public information. The only time someone does not see what you write is in a Direct Message or Private Message. Only the person involved in the Private Message can see what you are saying. This feature is good for contacting a customer [...]