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The Power Behind The Search:

When you have a powerful Search Engine Optimization strategy in place, people WILL see your business. The idea is not to use the same keyword over and over, or produce a lot of content on your website. You need content that is relevant and will address the needs of your target audience. Quality content is in high demand and attracts real business to your site.  Blogging is highly encouraged in this case.

The Power Behind The Search
Size Matters

Size Matters:

Your website needs to be optimized for all mobile devices. This means a viewer can fully operate your entire website in the palm of their hand, or tablet. Photos, videos, and text all need to be optimized to fit screens properly. Not having a mobile-friendly site results in penalization by Google which with low search rankings. Potential customers will also be turned off because they will not be able to look at your website. Building your website on the correct platform such as WordPress will automatically make your website responsive.

73% of in-house marketers and 76% of US agencies said SEO provided an excellent or good return on investment

It Is No Longer A Want, But A Need: 

SEO is no longer a luxury, but an investment. If you have a website, you need SEO. In addition to social media platforms, SEO opens the gates for search engines to crawl through your content and place you in front of a user who is looking for you. It is often mistaken that a company needs SEO so they appear high in rankings. While this holds some truth, the real reason for SEO is to drive potential clients to your website.

It Is No Longer A Want, But A Need
SEO Is Forever

SEO Is Forever: 

As long as your business has a website, you will need SEO. A website should always be “moving.” This means updates, new photos, and new blogs should be added to your website often. There are many benefits to an active website. By adding new content you keep your visitors informed about your product or service. When search engines see your site progressing they have more content to crawl, making you more visible. Your page rankings, traffic, and conversions will increase.

Have A Strong Host: 

In a fast-paced world, no one has time to wait for pages to buffer. Having a strong website host will reduce the bounce rate and improve page loading time. Remember, the larger your site, the more bandwidth you need. A fast website is easy to use, and viewers will click around and explore more, decreasing your bounce rate.

Have A Strong Host