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Frequently Asked Questions

Social media management, SEO and website development services for businesses.

This depends on a variety of factors. What is your overall budget? What do you want to achieve with your ads? How broad is your audience? Which platform will you be advertising on? We go over all this with you, and help you make the right choice for the best return on your investment.

Your MILE Social representative will take the time to get to know you and your business. We represent you, and post on your behalf. You’ll be asked to submit original photos, videos, and any other links or information where your representative can obtain information about your business. We take this information and repurpose it into social media posts that formatted for social media platforms and are appealing to your target audience.

We have a dedicated social media and web team. We have knowledge and experience in all areas of web design, web management, SEO, and social media, just to name a few. Your company will have a point-of-contact person, and all tasks will be designated to them. Our jobs are 24/7 and we are always available to answer your questions.

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Yes. As a matter of fact we like answering your questions. You want references? We have them. Want to see some of our work? Ask us.

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A while back many people and agencies would “buy” likes and followers. When a visitor saw their strong following, they thought that validated the company’s page. This is not a popular practice anymore, and we do not suggest it at all – for many reasons. These likes are not your target audience. If you’re a brick and motar company and you serve within a 30-mile radius of your store, those likes from Russia will not give you a return on your investment. Fake likes have also been known to be real accounts, and hack into YOUR account. Focus on reaching your target audience – these are people that could potentially buy your product or service. Engagement trumps likes.

This depends on your industry, and the platforms your audience is using to find you. We do not suggest forcing a platform to work, because trust us, it won’t. For example, if you’re the owner of a landscaping company you’re more likely working outside and not standing there tweeting. You would however, take before and after photos of your project, which should be posted on Facebook and Instagram. Your audience wants to see your work and will be using those two platforms to do so. It is important to be successful on two platforms, than fail at four.

This answer is is more complicated because there is not one reason. Google does not have full access to social media platforms. What you do on social media is not a direct ranking factor for Google. Just as search engines crawl website for keywords and backlinks, the same can be said for social media. Posts and profiles are indexed just like backlinks.  Sharing content on social media platforms also helps social SEO. When sharing occurs, you’re increasing more activity, which in turn, offers more to index.

For the most part, yes, everything you put out on social media is public information. The only time someone does not see what you write is in a Direct Message, or Private Message. Only the person involved in the the Private Message can see what you are saying. This feature is good for contacting a customer directly so your conversation remains private.

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We strongly recommend every business have a Google Business Page. Your page allows you to display a full description about your business, along with hours of operations, photos, videos, and even blogs. You also appear on Google Maps, if your business is a physical location. Google Business Pages make it easier for others to find or “Google” you in searches. Google gives the most influence on ranking to its own social media platform, Google+, which is connected to your Google Business Page.

Your page is also a popular place for consumers to leave reviews. It is very important to acknowledge reviews, as they are public and everyone can read them. Reviews help influence a buyer’s decision to purchase or not. Another benefit to Google Business Pages is there are no limits to push your content. You can post as often as you want, and whatever you want.

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Geotargeting is when certain people within an area are targeted. Geotargeting is important for brick and motar companies to use because they usually serve a particular radius from their physical location. Smaller businesses that serve a specific audience can also benefit from geotargeting, and can generate more foot-traffic to their location.

Some social media platforms enable geotargeting. For example, Instagram allows you to post your location for every photo and video you u post. This is allows users to know where you are, without having to leave your Instagram Account.

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Each platform has it’s own way to target an audience. Twitter uses Hashtags and URL’s. Instagram uses Hashtags. Facebook has hundreds of options to choose from such as behaviors to choose from, location, and interests. Your account manger will go over who your target market is and any keywords that should be used and use them accordingly.

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MILE Social uses WordPress. It is a responsive platform and search engines love WordPress websites. It does not require HTML editing software, and is easy for everyone to use. Websites are also 100% customizable, and has a built-in blog that is ready to use. If you’re website is not built on a WordPress platform, we can transfer it over for you.

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Encourage your customers to leave reviews! 70% of consumers will leave a review for a business when asked. More and more shoppers are leaning towards client reviews on social media to help them make a purchase. Reviews on Google Business Pages appear immediately when a potential customer is doing research on your company. Google also shows reviews online on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPS). Reviews on Facebook are also encouraged, and are readily visible when someone looks at your page.

68% of consumers form an opinion after reading one to six reviews. It is very important that your business replies to each review, even if it is only a star rating. This shows viewers you value your customers, and appreciate their business. As a part of your Social Media Package with MILE Social, Reputation Monitoring is included.

If you sell a product, you should have an e-Commerce site. Right now, the fastest way to put your products in front of your audience is to put it in their hand – literally. Most websites are viewed on mobile devices now. Having a fast, efficient site will encourage viewers to keep scrolling and purchase products. Our web team will make your e-Commerce site oriented towards sales rather than marketing. We will make the checkout process flawless and secure on our own server!

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It all starts with choosing the right networks. We will help you figure out what networks your potential customers are using to find YOU. Social media is very visual. You want your content to be consistent across all channels so your viewers recognize you. Social media is exactly what is sounds like – social. Businesses should be engaging with their audience on all levels – posts, pages, reviews, and direct messages. This is all very time consuming and can be hard to keep track of. Your designated account manager does all this for you, and keeps you informed so you do not miss anything. Social media lets you develop your voice and build brand loyalty. Social media also allows you to connect with influencers. Influencer marketing allows you to piggyback off the audience that established people in your industry have already built. MILE Social will make your company be more strategic with your efforts and get better results.

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We understand sometimes you want to build your website on your own and quickly. You even may be on a budget. But did you know when you use a “do-it-yourself-website” service, you do not own your own site? They do. You also do not receive one-on-one consultation with the same web developer if have questions. GoDaddy offers a WordPress Hosting Product, however it’s an added expense. Why not build your website on WordPress and make sure it is SEO friendly?

GoDaddy uses their own custom panel. We don’t expect you to know what this means, but let’s just say  MILE Social uses the industry’s leading and best panel, cPanel.

Do-it-yourself-sites limit your databases, email addresses and memory. We do not.

If you want to auto-generate content, use web forms, or wikis – You are going to  have to jump through a lot of hoops. Not with us, just shoot us an email!

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