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Website Design and Management

MILE Social created websites that received over 10 million page views each year.

Website Creation

Your website is your virtual business card. Websites need to be informative, easy to use, and mobile responsive. The sites we build are secure and are designed to be fast. This results in more traffic; Google penalizes sites if they are slow to load or don’t have current security certificates. Our team will walk you through the entire process of website design and management.

MILE Social will discuss your project with you before we begin. We may also ask you to fill out a brief survey so we can get more information about your project and goals. We will design, build, and manage your site using WordPress and maintain updates with our secure web host. Start your site now.

website creation
website process

Our Process & Design

After our initial project review, MILE Social provides you with sample layouts you approve. These layouts include the home page, sub-pages, contact us page, and a landing page. We build our sites on a test site. You will have access to the site at all times. This allows you to be part of the building process. There are no surprises; the building process is entirely transparent!

Website Management

We don’t consider the launch of your website as the finish line; that is the starting point.

Your website shouldn’t sit still. Regular updates help you rank higher in search engines. We consistently check our sites to ensure the page speed and SEO scores are where we want them to be. If needed, we take any corrective action.

website management

MILE Social will keep your site safe by running regular backups, updating all the software, and running regular malware scans.

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