The NJ SEM & PPC Management your Business Deserves
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The NJ SEM & PPC Management your Business Deserves

Search Engine Management is a paid marketing strategy that increases visibility in search results. SEM is also known as Paid Search Marketing, or Pay Per Click.

Online searches and shopping are increasing. Companies like yours need to be seen and outshine the competition. Implementing a paid strategy increases awareness and drives visitors to your website. SEM reaches consumers at exactly the right time, without being intrusive. So how does it work?

Search engines use algorithms to ensure relevant results are delivered for each search. Search engines match keywords with ads that contain the keywords from your search.

More than 90% of all web traffic comes from search engines.

There are many ad networks, but the more popular and well-known one is Google, which is actually two networks: Google Search Network and Google Display Network. Google Search Network is text results, and Display is an image.

The goal of SEM is to convert visitors to customer by prioritizing content and experiences that create the most value for users and your business.