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Facebook Upgrades Search Ads Availability

Facebook has improved its advertising platform, making ads more visible in searches. What does this mean? When your social media manager sets up your Facebook ads, there is an additional option where your ad can be seen, called Search. Your ads will reach people who have used search terms relevant to your company’s ad. This [...]

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Google Launches New Search Bar Interface

Starting today, you will see a new layout when you see the results of your Google Searches. The monster search engine is currently rolling out a new Google search bar interface. You will notice more results appear along the top after you type in your search. Click the “more” option for a dropdown menu that [...]


What Digital Marketing in 2019 Means

When you hear “digital marketing,” what is the first thing that comes to mind? For some it’s spending money. For others, it’s more exposure for their company. Both of these are true. To clarify, it is the action of marketing on any electronic device or digital channel. This includes SEO, PPC, Social Media, and Video [...]

Dn’R Carpet and Flooring

Dn’R Carpet and Flooring in Hazlet, New Jersey has a new website! Dn’R has been with the MILE Social family from the beginning. They were first needed a new website, and social media management. After a few years, we realized their site needed a “refresh.” Built on WordPress, is optimized for all devices and [...]


Google Improves Voice Search

Google is embracing voice search in its mobile devices. The search engine giant has added a microphone in Android devices that will help users with voice searches. You are probably saying, yes, all phones have this feature. However, Google took it a step further making the response heard out loud, rather than a screen silently [...]

New Website For Colors To Go, Freehold NJ

MILE Social has been working with Colors To Go for the past few years managing their social media platforms. When it was time for a new website, Colors To Go was on board. Using the WordPress platform, MILE Social’s web development team built a site that is responsive and user friendly. Technical attributes include increased [...]

Narrow Your Advertising Down To The Zip Code

Facebook now allows advertisers to define their target market down to the zip code. Yes, you can narrow down who sees your ad based on household income, for example, the top 5% or 10%. The new feature allows marketers to reach customers who can benefit more from their product or service, but may not have been [...]

Facebook Will Be Adjusting Add Budget Optimization

Starting this September, Facebook campaigns will run with campaign budget optimization only. This means Facebook advertisers will no longer be able to define budgets at the ad set level. The reason for the change? Facebook wants to give advertisers better ad results at a lower cost. How will this work? Advertisers will have the ability to [...]

Facebook Is Improving Page Quality

In an attempt to rid it’s platform of misuse and “fake news,” Facebook is rolling out a new Page tab called “Page Quality.” This tab lets page administrators know if their business page violates any rules and community standards. Any content that counts as a violation is automatically removed. The tab shows this content. The [...]

Google Adds Product Showcase To Business Listing

Google My Business has added yet another feature that appears in searches. Products, still in beta, allows businesses to showcase their goods sold in their business listing. Searchers do not have to go far or click around to view the products available by the business. Also, once the products are uploaded with their respectable descriptions, [...]