Blog - Part 3
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Snapchat’s Ad Initiative

A tool that has not always been used to its full potential is marketers and social media influencers using the photo-sharing app, Snapchat to the best of its ability. While Snapchat is often viewed as a social media platform for people to share photos knowing that they will disappear, there has been a struggle for [...]

Twitter Community Feature

Twitter is developing a community feature that has the potential to be something extremely exciting and immensely useful. Much like Instagram’s “Close Friends” feature this new tool on Twitter will allow users to share tweets with specific people only. This has a lot of potentials as there are many different ways that influencers can use [...]

Twitter’s New Super Follower Concept

Twitter is toying with the idea of creating a feature that allows users to not only follow their favorite influencer, artist, or content creator but gain exclusive access to their content through a monthly subscription service provided by Twitter. It will be almost like Patreon in the sense that people can pay a monthly fee [...]

Instagram LIVE is Getting Updated

Instagram plans on releasing a new feature that will be a true game-changer! The popular social media app will be launching a LIVE video feature that will allow users to go LIVE with multiple participants at once.  This new feature will allow up to four users in a LIVE video at once as well as [...]

Feeling, Healing, Being

Michelle is a licensed therapist who started her own company, Feeling, Healing, Being. Not happy with the first company that was designing her website, she turned to MILE Social. Michelle asked for a custom site with an inviting look. Not a cookie-cutter site from a company that mass produces websites. Our team worked with Michelle [...]

Facebook Tips for Customer Loyalty

With competition at its highest due to the abundance of online retailers during the COVID-19 pandemic brand and customer loyalty is in danger of becoming a thing of the past.  Consumers are finding the goods that they need through different companies and tending to repeat business at certain brands or businesses less and less.  Brand [...]

Instagram’s New Dashboard Feature

Instagram is unveiling a new feature that will allow influencers and users alike to maximize their content by offering tips and tricks to not only grow their platform but also increase their engagement rates and interactions. The main components of this new feature offered by Instagram will allow users to grow their brand through branded [...]

Planning Tweets and a Twitter Strategy Make for Effective Social Media

Jumping right into 2021 and not wasting any time in the new year Twitter recently unveiled their guide to help with effective social media techniques for their users.  Given the uncertainty that ensued last year, it was hard for companies and influencers to market events and specific dates with everything being up in the air.  [...]

Personalizing Social Media Posts

  Personalizing social media accounts is a leading initiative for businesses, brands, and influencers in 2021.  Personalizing multiple social media channels for a brand or business means giving the platform a personal voice and tone. It not only makes the account more cohesive but it gives the account personality and helps the followers and consumers [...]