YouTube Introduces A "For You" Section
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YouTube Introduces A “For You” Section

YouTube Introduces A "For You" Section

YouTube is introducing a new “For You” section tailored to individual users when they access the platform. This feature is set to debut on November 20th, as announced by YouTube’s support account. The primary purpose of this section is to recommend a curated mix of content from a user’s subscribed channels based on their watch history.

How do you use this new YouTube feature?

Creators can enable or disable this feature within the customization menu under their channel settings. Alternatively, by clicking “more settings” under the “recommendations for your viewers” section, creators can access additional controls for the “For You” section. They can include only shorts, live streams, full videos, or a combination of these content types. There are also options to display all content or only recent uploads.

This feature has been in testing for several months, with a preview video posted on the Creator Insider channel six months ago. YouTube updated its test features and experiments page on August 8 to discuss the ongoing testing. Initially, the feature was mandatory for creators, but once it rolled out to all users, creators could opt out, as indicated by recent observations.

Is the “For You” section similar to TikTok?

YouTube has been gradually incorporating features reminiscent of TikTok into its platform. However, this “For You” section is seen as a clever adaptation of the TikTok formula, providing users with a unique way to discover videos they might otherwise miss, particularly from long-established and prolific channels. It’s akin to having a “random” button dedicated to a single channel, enhancing the user experience and engagement on the platform.

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