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What are some of the benefits of adding Twitter?

You are given a platform to not only showcase information on your business and what services you offer but also information on the industry in general and make informative posts.

How will my business benefit from adding a Twitter account?

Through hashtags, potential customers and consumers will be able to locate the types of services and products your company works with.

How do I know if my business should be using Twitter?

If your company is B2C, then Twitter is a good social media platform to consider. Twitter also works for some B2B companies. The key is consistency and personality. Twitter is a conversation platform that presents the perfect opportunity to speak directly to your potential customers. When using Twitter, it is important to stay engaged and [...]

Can Everyone See What I Write On Social Media?

For the most part, yes, everything you put out on social media is public information. The only time someone does not see what you write is in a Direct Message or Private Message. Only the person involved in the Private Message can see what you are saying. This feature is good for contacting a customer [...]