Faqs | MILE Social


What advantages are there to having you build my website?

You will not need to spend time learning SEO and keywords, rather spend your time focusing on your business and let us handle the backend of your site.

Why is it important to have someone make my website rather than build it myself?

It’s important to have a professional build and host your site so that if something needs to be changed or corrected in a pinch we are able to assist you and make sure that it is done correctly.

What are some of the benefits of adding Twitter?

You are given a platform to not only showcase information on your business and what services you offer but also information on the industry in general and make informative posts.

How will my business benefit from adding a Twitter account?

Through hashtags, potential customers and consumers will be able to locate the types of services and products your company works with.

Can you check engagement and how posts are doing on Instagram?

Yes! You’re able to get an insight into your followers so you can know what types of posts are working and that are being engaged with regularly and which posts are not.

What are some benefits to adding Instagram?

You are able to update your bio at any time and can post updates instantly for customers and followers to see.

What advantages does adding a Google My Business account give me?

Adding Google My Business assists with making your ads more effective and more visible.

Why is it important to have a Google My Business account?

Having a Google My Business account helps to increase the legitimacy of your business and brand as well as helps to push your listing amongst local searches.

Do you own my company’s website when you build it?

No, you own your company’s website. We build, host, manage and maintain your company’s site.