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What kind of videos should my company be posting?

Your videos should reflect your product or service. The content should be engaging and educate your audience so they want to learn more. Some examples of good content are product demonstrations, educational how-to’s, or YouTube Live videos, where your audience can ask questions and you can address them live during recording.

Should my company have a YouTube Channel?

There is definitely value in having a YouTube channel. Video is the most engaging form of content. Each platform offers a video options, but YouTube is where videos live. Consider it the largest search engine for videos. Almost any target market can be found via YouTube. If you have something to show or teach your [...]

How can my company build a presence on Instagram?

Instagram is a great platform for brand awareness. Be consistent and responsive with your posts. If someone comments on a post, take the conversation off-line and see how you can help them. Doing this also shows the potential customer they are speaking with a real person, and not just a bot.

Isn’t Instagram only for younger people?

A younger audience does use Instagram. However, if your photos and videos are creative enough, and you use the correct hashtags, you will capture the interest of your target audience.

Should my company be using Instagram?

Images and videos are the most engaging form of content and Instagram was created to support both. If your company has a visual product or service, then yes, you should be using Instagram. Or if you post engaging images, then yes. Instagram works best for B2C company’s because the image speaks directly to the customer. [...]

Should I include a URL with my tweets?

Including a URL with your tweet certainly does not hurt. You are guiding the user to learn more about your business, and if retweeted, now even more people are able to click on your URL which can lead more users to your website or landing page.

Do I need to use images with my Tweets?

Yes. Even though Twitter is a conversational platform, everyone is intrigued by images. Tweets from businesses that contain images are 34% more likely to be retweeted.

How do I know if my business should be using Twitter?

If your company is B2C, then Twitter is a good social media platform to consider. Twitter also works for some B2B companies. The key is consistency and personality. Twitter is a conversation platform which presents the perfect opportunity to speak directly to your potential customers. When using Twitter, it is important to stay engaged and [...]

If I keep repeating my keywords on different pages of my website, will that help my SEO?

If you asked this question a few years ago, the answer would be yes. However, with search engines ramping up their algorithms, the answer is no. When you repeat content you run the risk of Google not being able to determine which page is more relevant. It is better to consolidate content on one URL.

Can I delete content from my website or will that hurt my SEO?

We do not recommend deleting content from your website without doing some research first. For example, using software like Google Analytics can help determine the relevance of a page on your website. Typically if a page has not received traffic in the last 6 to 12 months, it can be deleted. We also suggest measuring [...]