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Social Media Personality

What Is Your Company’s Social Media Personality?

Your employees, logo, and colors define your company’s personality. The consumer knows your product by name. They are a returning customer, because they know and trust your product. This is all based on people that do know. But what about customers that do not know? What if you had to introduce yourself through a social media outlet? What [...]

Facebook Makes Changes

Facebook Makes Changes And Helps Companies With Branding

Facebook has always encouraged companies to post ads, and charge them per click. Ads draw the audience’s attention to a specific brands, and re-directs them to the company’s website. The old pay-per-click method also included “likes” and shared content. Any attention to a brand is good, but the goal is to turn likes into customers. [...]

Managing Social Media

The Importance of Managing Social Media

Social media is evolving every day.  It can be overwhelming at times to keep up with most recent changes on Facebook and Twitter. Now you have to read about posting in addition to posting?  Who has the time for that?  How can someone running a business allocate the time to post or blog, while  managing [...]