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fall back on time not social media

Fall Back On Time, Not Your Social Media

This weekend the clocks change and we “fall back” one hour. It will become darker earlier causing people to feel tired and not wanting to do much. But this is the time of year where the hustle matters the most, especially if you’re a business owner. Cue the “H” word – Holidays. By now you [...]

National Small Business

It’s National Small Business Week

National Small Business Week is a nation-wide recognition of small business owners and entrepreneurs. Small businesses are more powerful than you may think. Currently there are 28 million small businesses that run in the United States.  This may be highlighted for one week, but it should be acknowledged year-round. That is why MILE Social helps [...]

Company Needs Twitter

5 Reasons Your Company Needs Twitter Now

Twitter is one of the fastest moving social media platforms. By fastest, I mean it is efficient, and users are able to communicate in real time. Twitter can be somewhat controversial because there are no filters, and it does not censor users. The ability to post virtually anything you want (within 140 characters) is very [...]

Is Your Social Media Ready

Is Your Social Media Ready For The Holidays?

Holiday shopping is in full swing. Businesses both big and small are working over time to bring holiday cheer and ease the shopping experience for everyone. If you do not have your plan for promoting your business or product yet, fear not, the power of managed social media is here to save you. Most likely [...]

google plus

Some people are still confused about Google Plus

MILE Social manages multiple social media platforms for small businesses. After carefully analyzing a business’s needs and goals, MILE composes a proposal. This proposal breaks down the company’s  existing social media presence, then makes suggestions for platforms MILE feels will better  the business, along with the benefits of each. One platform MILE stresses for every small [...]