Fall Back On The Time, Not Your Social Media
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Fall Back On Time, Not Your Social Media

fall back on time not social media

This weekend the clocks change and we “fall back” one hour. It will become darker earlier causing people to feel tired and not wanting to do much. But this is the time of year where the hustle matters the most, especially if you’re a business owner. Cue the “H” word – Holidays. By now you should have your holiday strategy down to a T, created, and scheduled out, ready to market across social media platforms and search engines. You should already be done with Black Friday deals, last minute Christmas gifts, and planning how to slash prices for post-holiday sales. Not there yet? Sound like too much already? Don’t panic, there’s still time.

  1. Search is your friend. Boost your SEO strategy, purchase some extra keywords, and post multiple ads. SEO takes a little longer to kick in, but with the help of a professional, you may still be able to get some visibility for your product or service.
  2. Send an extra email or two. Retailers increase their email frequency to their subscribers by roughly 50% during November and December, compared to non-holiday months.
  3. Focus on the feel. Change your social media banners and website sliders so they have a festive feel. When consumers are happy, they shop more.
  4. Stay calm. You should have started already, but no one knows your company better than you so get the ball rolling! Remember, fall back on the time, not your social media. If you need assistance, enroll in extra help or hire a social media manager to create and manage all this holiday insanity for you!

This Article Was Written By Courtney Kwiatkowski

Courtney combines her passion for Social Media and expertise with over 10 years of project management. As the Director of Social Media for MILE Social, Courtney oversees the social media platforms for every client. From strategizing, to content creation, to analytics, Courtney ensures MILE Social's clients turn their audience into paying clients.