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spring your companys digital presence into full bloom

Spring Your Company’s Digital Presence Into Full Bloom

Spring is here, and everything will be in full bloom. Springtime means new starts, planning new things, and growing. The same applies to your business. Whether you have a local store, a corporate company, or work independently, new beginnings and fresh starts are always exciting. Let’s look at a few things that will help your [...]

link to instagram stories

Link Feature Will Be Available For All Instagram Accounts

The option to add a link on Instagram Stories will be rolling to all Instagram accounts. The platform listened to feedback from users and decided that the feature will no longer be restricted to higher-profile accounts with more than ten-thousand followers. The “link” replaces the “swipe up” option and can be accessed via the Link [...]

fb change its name to

Report: Facebook Plans To Change Its Name

In an effort to rebrand itself, Facebook is looking to operate under a new name. Yes, another change. Why now? Mark Zuckerberg and the team want the world’s largest social media platform to be known for more than just social media. Zuck’s focus on the metaverse reflects his efforts to combine virtual and augmented reality [...]

Facebook Ads Manager Will Be Improving Their Ads

Facebook is working on an initiative to improve the way consumers interact with ads. The ad feature that is being tested expands the user’s experience and what is being shown to the consumer. Advertisers will be allowed to include business location, page follows, and user check-ins below the ad. This information will give users confidence [...]

Facebook Will Be Launching A Message Feature Made For Businesses

To become more acquainted with customers and get to know their needs and wants on a more personal level Facebook is rolling out a new and updated personalized messaging tool that is meant to be used by businesses. The new feature’s purpose is to better facilitate business activity and reach amongst potential customers and consumers. [...]

Instagram’s Timeline Will Push Up Your Favorites

It has been reported that one of the latest features Instagram will be rolling out soon is one that will affect users’ personal feeds on the photo and video sharing platform. This new update will push the most visited and most engaged with profiles that a user is following to the top of their feed [...]

Twitter Creates a Community For Users

Twitter is in the early stages of launching a new community within the tweet-sharing app, a feature that will allow users to connect with users that share similar interests through a community filter. The new feature will allow users to share certain tweets exclusively within their specific community that they are a member of rather [...]

Facebook Creates Workrooms App

It was recently announced that Oculus Quest would be partnering with Facebook to reimagine the common work meeting. This new initiative will allow users to conduct meetings with avatar versions of themselves through the virtual reality lens provided by Oculus. The application will be known as Facebook’s Horizon Workrooms app and was created to take [...]

Youtube Shorts are Coming Soon

In competition against the uber-popular video-sharing app, Tik Tok, Youtube is launching Youtube Shorts. This new feature on Youtube will allow users to elaborate more resources and time on the video-sharing app. The editing features offered on the app will be more in-depth and allow creators to create and produce more advanced content. Much like [...]