Link Feature Will Be Available For All Instagram Accounts
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Link Feature Will Be Available For All Instagram Accounts

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The option to add a link on Instagram Stories will be rolling to all Instagram accounts. The platform listened to feedback from users and decided that the feature will no longer be restricted to higher-profile accounts with more than ten-thousand followers. The “link” replaces the “swipe up” option and can be accessed via the Link Sticker. The expansion couldn’t happen at a better time. Well, it could have, but now that the holidays are here, smaller stores can link their shop pages. It’s a great way to keep a user engaged, and hopefully convert to a customer making a purchase.

“We made this decision based on feedback we heard from the community about how impactful it would be for creators and businesses of all sizes to benefit from link sharing to grow in the same way larger accounts do,” Instagram stated.

Not all accounts have access yet, but they will soon. Facebook, which owns Instagram, has been known to roll out updates in batches. We highly encourage your social media manager to use this feature. Looking for a New Jersey-based social media manager? Let’s chat! Drop us a line.

This Article Was Written By Courtney Kwiatkowski

Courtney Kwiatkowski

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