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Facebook WiFi For Your Business

Reach New Customers With Facebook WiFi For Your Business

Want a free and easy way to promote your business on wifi devices? It’s so simple and easy you’re going to wish you thought of it sooner. Have the people around you connect to your WiFi  via Facebook! When you set this feature up, you are allowing people in your area (or in your office) [...]

Manage Your Companys Social Media

Five Reasons Why Someone Else Should Manage Your Company’s Social Media

All businesses need social media- it’s the way of the digital world. Figuring out what platforms to use, what content to post, and how to post it is a full time job; right now, everyone in your company has three jobs each. Who do you delegate the job of social media manager to? Your best solution [...]

Company Needs Twitter

5 Reasons Your Company Needs Twitter Now

Twitter is one of the fastest moving social media platforms. By fastest, I mean it is efficient, and users are able to communicate in real time. Twitter can be somewhat controversial because there are no filters, and it does not censor users. The ability to post virtually anything you want (within 140 characters) is very [...]

Has Your Business Boarded The Google Ship?

Google is sailing the high seas and businesses need to jump on board. Google + and Google For Business are not preferred social media channels, however, are still relevant for Search Engine Optimization. When you need to find out an answer to a question, the common response is “Google it.” The more your company’s presence [...]