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4 Reasons Followers Unfollow Your Brand On Social Media

Every morning you reach over and grab your phone before you get out of bed. Time to check your social media before your day starts. You lay there with one eye open scrolling through your newsfeed when all of the sudden – an ad appears, and you decide to like the post and follow the [...]

Facebook Makes Changes

Facebook Makes Changes And Helps Companies With Branding

Facebook has always encouraged companies to post ads, and charge them per click. Ads draw the audience’s attention to a specific brands, and re-directs them to the company’s website. The old pay-per-click method also included “likes” and shared content. Any attention to a brand is good, but the goal is to turn likes into customers. [...]


Are your Infographics informing your audience?

When I was younger I was mesmerized by the glossy advertisements in my fashion magazines. Most adults flipped through them to get to the articles. I did the opposite, examining and piecing the details in the picture until the message jumped out at me. The ad could represent anything; a clothing brand, a car, or [...]