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YouTube Enhances Discovery With Hashtags

YouTube is expanding their video discovery with hashtags. Hashtags were already being used, but now the difference is that they are being displayed above the video title and at the bottom of the video. The first three hashtags you include in your description are the ones that will be displayed. The hashtags are also hyperlinks, [...]

Google Business Listings

Google Adds Video To Google Business Listings

Google is improving and adding new features to google business listings. Now, you can upload videos to your business profile. Video is the most engaging form of content. This new feature appears in both searches and maps. Contact us for more information about adding video, and managing your Google Business Listing.

Hashtags on Instagram

You Can Now Follow Hashtags On Instagram

Instagram has expanded its Following options beyond just accounts. Now you can follow your favorite # hashtags on Instagram. This new feature is perfect for business Instagram accounts because it makes it easier to find content that is relevant to your industry. Consider this another search option. Your social media manager should be taking a deeper dive beyond [...]

Business Needs Facebook's Messenger Bots

Why Your Business Needs Facebook’s Messenger Bots

Facebook has offered another way to personalize communication for Business Pages. Many potential customers feel more comfortable contacting the business via text. Messenger Bots offer a quick, customized response that lets people know your company cares and will help them out shortly. The new AI for Messenger 2.1 increases conversation and enhances the business experience. [...]

more access to your podcast

Great News For Podcasters

Expect your audience to grow with even more access to your podcast.  Facebook is testing out an audio-only live broadcast, which means more people can tune into your live discussion, and go back to listen to it as well. It’s just one of the many enhancements Facebook has done in the past few weeks to [...]

Is Your Social Media Ready

Is Your Social Media Ready For The Holidays?

Holiday shopping is in full swing. Businesses both big and small are working over time to bring holiday cheer and ease the shopping experience for everyone. If you do not have your plan for promoting your business or product yet, fear not, the power of managed social media is here to save you. Most likely [...]