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YouTube Enhances Discovery With Hashtags


YouTube is expanding their video discovery with hashtags. Hashtags were already being used, but now the difference is that they are being displayed above the video title and at the bottom of the video. The first three hashtags you include in your description are the ones that will be displayed. The hashtags are also hyperlinks, which leads users to other videos, increasing search. So make sure you “hash wisely.”

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YouTube is also testing an “Explore Tab.” This would take the place of the Now Trending Tab, which will be moved elsewhere. It will be personalized to your preference of videos, similar to the Netflix concept of movie suggestions. Again, this is only being tested.

As you can see, YouTube is finding new ways to keep their audience engaged and enhance the user experience. MILE Social suggests using hashtags in your YouTube Videos going forward. Don’t worry, you can still be discovered by going back and adding hashtags to your existing videos as well. Do you have questions about your company’s YouTube channel or other social media platforms? Let’s talk!