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Great News For Podcasters

more access to your podcast

Expect your audience to grow with even more access to your podcast.  Facebook is testing out an audio-only live broadcast, which means more people can tune into your live discussion, and go back to listen to it as well. It’s just one of the many enhancements Facebook has done in the past few weeks to improve their platform and encourage everyone to use Facebook for just about everything.

This is not much different than the current Facebook Live videos, except that it’s audio only. People who already like your page receive notifications that you’re live. And the best part? The audio will continue to play as you explore the rest of Facebook.

Podcast listening grew 23% between 2015 to 2016. This is due to longer commutes and easy access from their phones on-the-go. Audio-only is great for those who want to tell their story about their business or brand, but are not fond of being in front of a camera. It is also a great way to engage your audience and grow your page likes.

This feature is still being tested, but will surely be available to all sooner than later.

For more help on how to use this, and other Facebook features, contact MILE Social.