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Managed Social Media

Facebook News Feed Frenzy

Facebook News Feed Frenzy

If you have not heard by now, Facebook has been re-adjusting its algorithm.  Users will see less advertising, and more posts from friends and family, and content that interests him or her. This has owners of business pages worried about a decrease in reach of their company’s content. The reason for Facebook changing its algorithm [...]

Loconsolo Paints

Loconsolo Paints

MILE Social would like to welcome Loconsolo Paints to the family. Loconsolo Paints is a family owned and operated multiple outlet chain of Benjamin Moore Decorating Centers. They asked MILE Social to help grow their online presence through Facebook, Google Business Listings, and a new Instagram account. MILE Social creates and posts content, engages with their [...]

Brand On Social Media

4 Reasons Followers Unfollow Your Brand On Social Media

Every morning you reach over and grab your phone before you get out of bed. Time to check your social media before your day starts. You lay there with one eye open scrolling through your newsfeed when all of the sudden – an ad appears, and you decide to like the post and follow the [...]

Twitter Characters

140 True Twitter Characters Are Due To Arrive September 18th

September 18th is the “due date” for Twitter to roll out longer characters per tweet. There will still be 140 characters, however, this time it’s for real. What does this mean? It means photos, links, and @ mentions will not take up the 140 characters allowed per tweet. This exciting change was mentioned back in [...]

Manage Your Companys Social Media

Five Reasons Why Someone Else Should Manage Your Company’s Social Media

All businesses need social media- it’s the way of the digital world. Figuring out what platforms to use, what content to post, and how to post it is a full time job; right now, everyone in your company has three jobs each. Who do you delegate the job of social media manager to? Your best solution [...]

Social Media To Sell Your Product

How To Use Social Media To Sell Your Product

Your company posts on social media, right? This means you’re showing your product to the world, correct? You get a few Retweets and Likes, so you must be doing this whole posting thing effectively, no? Not necessarily. Businesses need social media to sell their product or service. Social media makes this task successful if done [...]

Local Business Listings

Social Media for Local Business Listings in 2016

As we close out 2015 and enter 2016, business owners are thinking of the “next big thing” to make their company stand out in the new year. New game plans, budgets, and ideas are swirling. Owners and colleagues are strategizing  new ways to boost business. Answers how to reach local consumers are being explored. These [...]