Facebook News Feed Frenzy
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Facebook News Feed Frenzy

Facebook News Feed Frenzy

If you have not heard by now, Facebook has been re-adjusting its algorithm.  Users will see less advertising, and more posts from friends and family, and content that interests him or her. This has owners of business pages worried about a decrease in reach of their company’s content. The reason for Facebook changing its algorithm yet again is to improve the user experience. Facebook wants to push content that generates more meaningful interactions.

What does this mean for your business page?

Your social media manager should be working with and review your social media strategy and continue to target your company’s audience. Remember, your audience does want to see your content, but it is your job to make it interesting and “meaningful.” A few ways to stay ahead of the curve are:

  1. Increase live videos. Live videos get six times as many interactions as regular videos. Live video prompts discussion.
  2. Posting relevant content, creating events, and responding to messages.
  3. Highlight company promotions and services available.
  4. Create and post more events. They are a great way to connect and invite your community to come together.

You should still create advertisements. Make sure you are using the correct objective so your audience understands what action to take on your ad.

Not sure if your content is reaching the right people? Feel free to reach out to us for a complimentary social media assessment.

This Article Was Written By Courtney Kwiatkowski

Courtney combines her passion for Social Media and expertise with over 10 years of project management. As the Director of Social Media for MILE Social, Courtney oversees the social media platforms for every client. From strategizing, to content creation, to analytics, Courtney ensures MILE Social's clients turn their audience into paying clients.