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MILE Social Is Hiring!

MILE Social is looking for an experienced WordPress developer to join our team. We are a social media agency with an expanding client base. This opportunity is remote, no need to spend your time commuting. There is plenty of work to be done so an ability to work with minimal supervision is high on our [...]

fall back on time not social media

Fall Back On Time, Not Your Social Media

This weekend the clocks change and we “fall back” one hour. It will become darker earlier causing people to feel tired and not wanting to do much. But this is the time of year where the hustle matters the most, especially if you’re a business owner. Cue the “H” word – Holidays. By now you [...]

Is Your Website Secure with HTTPS & SSL

Is Your Website Secure with HTTPS & SSL?

Having a secure website is a no-brainer. Making sure your website is secure can be a little complicated. Three things determine a secure website -Authentication, Data Integrity, and Encryption. Google announced that all websites need HTTPS and SSL. What does this mean? Let’s break it down. HTTPS stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure. This ensures secure [...]

MILE Social Speaks At The Mid-Atlantic

MILE Social Speaks At The Mid-Atlantic Campground Owner’s Association Conference

MILE Social was invited to be a guest speaker at the Mid-Atlantic Campground Owner’s Association Conference. The theme of the conference was “Get Connected.” We stressed the importance of social media for campgrounds, and how campers are on the grid, trying to find ways to get off the grid. With 1.86 billion active Facebook users, [...]

business on at least one social media platform

What Businesses Need To Know About Social Media in 2017

By now you should have your business on at least one social media platform. Social media is always evolving, and 2016 definitely proved that true. Snapchat grew into one of the most used platforms. Facebook added more value to business pages, and Twitter improved it’s 140 character count. We don’t expect you to know all this [...]

google plus

Some people are still confused about Google Plus

MILE Social manages multiple social media platforms for small businesses. After carefully analyzing a business’s needs and goals, MILE composes a proposal. This proposal breaks down the company’s  existing social media presence, then makes suggestions for platforms MILE feels will better  the business, along with the benefits of each. One platform MILE stresses for every small [...]


Are your Infographics informing your audience?

When I was younger I was mesmerized by the glossy advertisements in my fashion magazines. Most adults flipped through them to get to the articles. I did the opposite, examining and piecing the details in the picture until the message jumped out at me. The ad could represent anything; a clothing brand, a car, or [...]

Managing Social Media

The Importance of Managing Social Media

Social media is evolving every day.  It can be overwhelming at times to keep up with most recent changes on Facebook and Twitter. Now you have to read about posting in addition to posting?  Who has the time for that?  How can someone running a business allocate the time to post or blog, while  managing [...]

Using Social Media

Using Social Media To Get Free Exposure For Your Brand

Just when you thought you’ve exhausted all methods of making your brand more discoverable by using crafty SEO methods, Google has come into play (no pun intended).  Google has regained access to Twitter’s real-time social network stream.  The two reunite after an expired contract, and they are back with a vengeance. Should social media experts [...]