Using Social Media To Get Free Exposure For Your Brand
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Using Social Media To Get Free Exposure For Your Brand

Using Social Media

Just when you thought you’ve exhausted all methods of making your brand more discoverable by using crafty SEO methods, Google has come into play (no pun intended).  Google has regained access to Twitter’s real-time social network stream.  The two reunite after an expired contract, and they are back with a vengeance.

Should social media experts be worried about this marriage?  Fear not, there are many benefactors to this union.   Although the end results will not happen overnight, Twitter users should be familiar with what to expect and start to implement the requirements in order to be noticed.

The point of this partnership is for Google to have access to real-time tweets.  Right now, some tweets are found via Google Search.  With direct access to Twitter, more tweets will be indexed, making them more copious in Google Searches.  Your brand may be more visible just by being an active user  on Twitter, right?  No, come on, nothing is ever that easy.

Part of Google’s strategy which is currently in development, involves heavy monitoring of hashtags, followers, retweets, likes, impressions, and trends.  Google is placing a value on tweets.  Google will asses who is adherent to a tweet, follow who’s timelines that tweet appears on, and then determine it’s value.  You can call it a “Tweet Assessment” or “Tweet Comp,” for those realtors out there.

What is required of your brand?  As I mentioned in a previous blog, pictures and videos are all the rage right now. The retweet and impression rates are higher with a picture or video.  Always engage.  Also, never forget the hashtag.  This makes you more noticeable to the Google Gods.  Big brother is covering all it’s bases, which means your brand needs to brush up on it’s creative strategy.

This Article Was Written By Courtney Kwiatkowski

Courtney combines her passion for Social Media and expertise with over 10 years of project management. As the Director of Social Media for MILE Social, Courtney oversees the social media platforms for every client. From strategizing, to content creation, to analytics, Courtney ensures MILE Social's clients turn their audience into paying clients.