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Facebook News Feed Frenzy

Facebook News Feed Frenzy

If you have not heard by now, Facebook has been re-adjusting its algorithm.  Users will see less advertising, and more posts from friends and family, and content that interests him or her. This has owners of business pages worried about a decrease in reach of their company’s content. The reason for Facebook changing its algorithm [...]

View Counts on Twitter

View Counts Are Now On Twitter

Twitter looks yet again to improve its platform by adding view counts to videos. This follows suit of YouTube, Snapchat, and Facebook. If you don’t know already, videos on Twitter play automatically as you scroll through your news feed. What counts as a full view? Two seconds counts as one view. The useful analytic is just [...]

Loconsolo Paints

Loconsolo Paints

MILE Social would like to welcome Loconsolo Paints to the family. Loconsolo Paints is a family owned and operated multiple outlet chain of Benjamin Moore Decorating Centers. They asked MILE Social to help grow their online presence through Facebook, Google Business Listings, and a new Instagram account. MILE Social creates and posts content, engages with their [...]

Business Needs Facebook's Messenger Bots

Why Your Business Needs Facebook’s Messenger Bots

Facebook has offered another way to personalize communication for Business Pages. Many potential customers feel more comfortable contacting the business via text. Messenger Bots offer a quick, customized response that lets people know your company cares and will help them out shortly. The new AI for Messenger 2.1 increases conversation and enhances the business experience. [...]

Promote Your Business

Let Your Friends Promote Your Business For You

Yes, you read that right; Let your friends promote your business for you. No, you don’t have to hire your friends. A new feature has been added to Facebook. The amount of “shares” is now displayed next to “likes.” This addition is great for marketers and business owners. When someone that already likes your business [...]

Facebook WiFi For Your Business

Reach New Customers With Facebook WiFi For Your Business

Want a free and easy way to promote your business on wifi devices? It’s so simple and easy you’re going to wish you thought of it sooner. Have the people around you connect to your WiFi  via Facebook! When you set this feature up, you are allowing people in your area (or in your office) [...]

more access to your podcast

Great News For Podcasters

Expect your audience to grow with even more access to your podcast.  Facebook is testing out an audio-only live broadcast, which means more people can tune into your live discussion, and go back to listen to it as well. It’s just one of the many enhancements Facebook has done in the past few weeks to [...]

Brand On Social Media

4 Reasons Followers Unfollow Your Brand On Social Media

Every morning you reach over and grab your phone before you get out of bed. Time to check your social media before your day starts. You lay there with one eye open scrolling through your newsfeed when all of the sudden – an ad appears, and you decide to like the post and follow the [...]

Manage Your Companys Social Media

Five Reasons Why Someone Else Should Manage Your Company’s Social Media

All businesses need social media- it’s the way of the digital world. Figuring out what platforms to use, what content to post, and how to post it is a full time job; right now, everyone in your company has three jobs each. Who do you delegate the job of social media manager to? Your best solution [...]