Google Shutting Down Business.Site Websites: What It Means for Your Business
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Google Shutting Down Business.Site Websites: What It Means for Your Business

Google Shutting Down Business.Site Websites: What It Means for Your Business

As a digital marketing agency committed to keeping you informed, MILE Social wants to address an important update that may affect your online presence. Google has announced that as of March 1, 2024, Business.Site websites, a feature provided through Google Business Profiles, will be discontinued.

Understanding the Change

Google has offered a simple, automated website creation tool for several years through its Business Profile service. Businesses could quickly generate a basic site hosted on a subdomain. This was an appealing option for many small businesses seeking an online presence without complex web development. However, Google has recently decided to discontinue this service. Starting March 1, 2024, any visit to a website will be redirected to the associated Google Business Profile. Then, on June 10, 2024, these websites will become entirely unavailable.

Why the Change?

While Google hasn’t provided extensive details on the reasoning behind the shutdown, it’s clear that the digital landscape is evolving. The recent sale of Google Domains to Squarespace indicates a strategic shift in how Google views its role in web hosting and domain services. As digital trends advance, so does the need for more robust and flexible website solutions, possibly making the basic offering less relevant.

What Should You Do?

  1. Review Your Current Setup: If your business uses a domain, it’s crucial to assess how this change affects your online strategy.
  2. Consider Alternatives: Look into other website builders or content management systems. MILE Social builds websites on the trusted and Google-friendly WordPress platform. It offers more advanced features and customization to fit your business’s unique needs.
  3. Update Your Business Profile: Ensure your Google Business Profile links to your new website and that all information is up-to-date.
  4. Monitor Your SEO: If you’ve previously engaged in link-building or other SEO efforts pointing to your domain, you’ll need to redirect these efforts to your new domain to maintain your search engine rankings.

How MILE Social Can Help

Navigating these changes can be complex, especially considering the SEO implications and the need for a smooth transition to a new website. At MILE Social, we specialize in creating customized digital marketing solutions, including website design and management, SEO, and more. Our team is ready to help you:

  • Develop a new, customized website that reflects your brand and meets your business needs.
  • Strategically update your SEO and digital marketing plan to adapt to these changes.
  • Manage the transition smoothly, ensuring minimal disruption to your online presence.

In conclusion, Google’s decision to shut down websites may require some quick pivoting, but it also opens up opportunities to enhance your online presence through more advanced and tailored solutions. MILE Social, a digital marketing agency in Middletown, NJ,  is here to guide you through every step of this transition, ensuring your business thrives online. If you have any questions or need assistance building a new website for your business, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

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Ruban Silva