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Animal Chiropractor NJ – Dr. Melissa Shaw, D.C.

Dr. Melissa Shaw

Dr. Melissa Shaw has been a Chiropractor in Holmdel, New Jersey for the last 13 years. Her passion to help those suffering from discomfort and decreased mobility doesn’t stop with her Human Practice. She wants to help your pets as well! There are only a handful of Animal Chiropractors in New Jersey. Dr. Shaw wanted to grow her practice and get noticed! She wanted to use a local, New Jersey-based web developer and asked MILE Social to build a website that caters to pet owners. Her focus is to bring awareness and inform people there are other options for their pets. Animals do not have to be in pain and chiropractic care can help relieve disc and muscle soreness.

From a web development standpoint, our team knew we had to focus on keywords and keyword phrases. Getting noticed in searches was crucial considering there are not many animal chiropractors in the state. Incorporating easy navigation and mobile optimization, is a user-friendly and informative site. Additionally, our social media team manages her Google My Business listing. Creative content with a call to action and keywords will be seen in online searches.

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