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Rago Brothers

Rago Brothers

MILE Social is proud to announce the launch of the newly re-designed Rago Brothers website.

Rago Brothers is a family-owned business, with four generations of family that master in the art of leather repair. The “Rago’s” wanted a website with a clean look and updated design that focuses on user experience. Although they welcome walk-ins at their shop in Morristown, New Jersey, their goal is to increase mail-in orders through their website, and clearly explain all their services. MILE Social’s development team worked with the Rago family on a seamless 1-2-3 step mail-in process, enhanced before and after gallery, and interactive repair services. Fully optimized, users can easily explore the site and fill out contact forms from their mobile device.

MILE Social will also be managing their social media platforms, email blasts, and text message alerts.

If your website is in need of an upgrade, or you simply want to re-brand yourself, contact MILE Social today 732-889-3322 ext 705 or email us info@milesocial.com.