Our Strategy
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Our Strategy

MILE Social helps you determine what value your brand can provide to its audience. Our free Social Media Assessment includes researching your brand’s past and current conversation trends, and we analyze your content performance to date. MILE Social uses this information to determine what platforms your company should be using to reach your target audience. We also study your business’s culture and competition across the internet. We learn your business by listening to your goals you want to achieve with managed social media. We will discuss operational planning and the strategies that will turn your viewers into consumers.

After we complete your custom plan, our account managers will make sure your social media platforms are set up with the correct information and configure your social settings. Once set up, our creative team creates and curates content for specific audiences, based upon specific behaviors and trends, for specific social platforms. Consistency builds brand loyalty. Our account managers use the best practices to manage your profiles, and keep up with emerging trends and updates. We communicate your brand’s purpose through each social channel while you continue to manage your business.

Your audience is using social media to discover your company so digital advertising is recommended. Advertising on Facebook and Google are affordable alternatives with better results compared to posting an in a magazine or billboard. Paid social media takes the guesswork out of targeting for user acquisition, leading to increased revenue. Through careful measuring and studying of analytics, we determine which audiences are ripe for targeting through paid media. 

Our accomplished experts track, analyze and measure all social media platforms used for your business. They simply determine what works and what does not. This allows us to adjust your social media strategy over time, ensuring that it remains effective. We can provide detailed analytic reports and monthly dashboards so you can see your social media results first-hand. Start seeing positive results with us today.