Why Posting External Links On Facebook Is Bad
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Why Posting External Links On Facebook Is Bad

Facebook is a social media platform designed to bring people together. People and organizations post engaging content their audience can interact with. Users share their reactions (likes, loves, etc.) and comments. Customers can learn information about products and services from Business pages. They can also read customer reviews, and ask questions before shopping. This is a great way to build a strong relationship in marketing.

It is important to post information on a consistent basis. But did you know Facebook discourages the use of external links? External links move the discussion away from Facebook, therefore forcing the viewer to go somewhere else for information. Facebook wants users to stay on their platform. This is why external links can be problematic.

Stay on the platform.

The worlds largest social platform prides itself on being a self-contained entity. Posting external links forces time away from the platform. Thus, Facebook will minimize views to your business page.

Conversation requires an extra click. Audiences like content to be easy and immediate. Even one extra click can make the difference between engagement and a user moving on. If there are extra steps to take to get information, a user may decide to skip your content altogether.

There is a solution.

Facebook curates your audience. Facebook uses algorithms to decide what content your audience sees. Even people who follow your page may not get your links the way they should because it is not a benefit to Facebook. To get around this, your organization should invest in Facebook Ads. Ads reach your target audience, and do not get penalized for having links. As a matter of fact, links are Call To Actions.

Whether you’re trying to drive traffic to your site, or growing your sales funnel, external links on Facebook can be a problem. Consult with your social media manager about how to make links work for your company. Don’t have a social media manager? Talk to MILE Social today 732-889-3322.

This Article Was Written By Ruban Silva