Facebook Creates Workrooms App
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Facebook Creates Workrooms App

It was recently announced that Oculus Quest would be partnering with Facebook to reimagine the common work meeting. This new initiative will allow users to conduct meetings with avatar versions of themselves through the virtual reality lens provided by Oculus. The application will be known as Facebook’s Horizon Workrooms app and was created to take some of the workload stressors and inconveniences off employees and employers who are still working through the impact of COVID-19. 

Facebook reps have expressed that this initiative is a way for them to step into the future and move with the times. With so many companies and businesses still planning on working from home this coming fall due to the spike in positive cases, this comes as a helpful solution to in-person staff meetings.

This new app will help these companies and businesses’ employees work remotely with ease and relieve the burden of having to go into the office for important meetings when some of the employees may not feel safe to do so or, depending on the company’s location, may be allowed to return to the office in person. This is definitely a step in the right direction for Facebook and an advancement that will benefit millions of people who are currently working from home or about to be working from home again and will ease maybe some of the worries they had about holding or participating in meetings with colleagues. 

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