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Facebook Embraces The Hashtag

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Hashtags are now being used on Facebook.

Most of us are already familiar with hashtags being used on Twitter, and now primarily Instagram. Hashtags offer new ways to discover topics, and emphasize key terms in posts. The hashtag first launched on Facebook in 2013 but never took off. This was due to a fear of lowering organic reach. However, now it’s quite the opposite. Hashtags are encouraged in posts. There is no limit to how many hashtags you should use in a post, but we suggest keeping it on the smaller side. Facebook also turns popular hashtags into clickable links on your post. Users can click on the link and explore more topics that interest them.

So how does this help your business? Brands want to know the buzz words that spark user’s interests. Your company’s social media manager should be paying attention to the hashtags your customer base follows and use them in organic posts. Hashtags make your posts searchable. Your brand or business can be discovered by a user clicking a hashtag from someone else’s post. Hashtags are also searchable in the Facebook search bar. Your posts can appear in organic searches on Facebook.

Here is a helpful tip: Have your social media manager go back and add hashtags to previous posts. Tips and trends are forever evolving on social media and it’s up to your social media manager to stay on top of them to increase digital exposure for our business. Don’t have a social media manager? Let’s talk! Reach out to MILE Social today! Call 732-889-3322 or email info@milesocial.com