How The Google Core Update Can Affect Your Website
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How The Google Core Update Can Affect Your Website

Google has rolled out their core update for May 2020. Anytime Google updates its search ranking algorithms, it means that your site can perform better or worse in the search results.  In simpler terms, it means Google changed how its systems assess content overall. So if you noticed a drop in some of your page rankings, it does not necessarily mean you have poor page content. But it should make you look back on the content on your website and see what can be improved.

For example, do your pages provide substantial, complete, or comprehensive descriptions about your business or services? Are your images optimized? Do your headlines help provide a general summary of the page’s content? These factors and many more should be considered for all current and new websites.

Google does not always announce when it makes a core update because usually the effects are very minimal to websites, if at all. If you think your company’s website needs an overall check, or you simply need someone to manage it for you, give us a call 732-889-3322, or email

This Article Was Written By Courtney Kwiatkowski

Courtney combines her passion for Social Media and expertise with over 10 years of project management. As the Director of Social Media for MILE Social, Courtney oversees the social media platforms for every client. From strategizing, to content creation, to analytics, Courtney ensures MILE Social's clients turn their audience into paying clients.