Instagram LIVE is Getting Updated
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Instagram LIVE is Getting Updated

Instagram plans on releasing a new feature that will be a true game-changer! The popular social media app will be launching a LIVE video feature that will allow users to go LIVE with multiple participants at once.  This new feature will allow up to four users in a LIVE video at once as well as a stream of questions being asked throughout the LIVE will pop up on the screen as well. 

As of now, only two people are able to go LIVE at once on Instagram which has been extremely beneficial and positive for users. Upping the number to four will definitely be an amazing upgrade for a number of reasons. Upgrading this feature will allow influencers, musicians, actors, and entertainers to connect with each other and their fanbase in a larger setting. It also allows for a larger discussion when hosting a LIVE and for people to connect more efficiently. 

Aside from influencers being able to host more people on their Instagram LIVE videos they can also add in fans on the chats and keep them more engaged than they have ever been before. This feature will allow users to interact with more people at a time and will enhance the overall experience for Instagram users and consumers. Since the app already is such a popular and widely used app this will only enhance and improve the experience for so many users who already take advantage of the LIVE feature. 

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This Article Was Written By Victoria Nelli


Victoria is a recent graduate of Monmouth University. She received her Master’s Degree in communication, specializing in Public relations and social media. She manages multiple accounts and social media platforms here at mile social. In her free time, she likes to spend time with friends, see Broadway shows, and traveling.