Instagram’s Like Feature Will it Remain on Display?
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Instagram’s Like Feature Will it Remain on Display?

Instagram is in the process of testing a feature that has been in talks for quite some time. Instagram will be giving users the option of displaying their like count on each picture or removing the count altogether. This is a big game-changer for influencers, brands, and anyone that is typically paid for their content or posts on the photo-sharing platform. 

What this means for users is that they will have the option of turning off Instagram likes’ visibility. For some, the people who are paid for their content that they share on the app and for the people who post brand deals, etc they are chosen based on their popularity on the app. While they will still show their follower count and their popularity will still be relevant it will not show other users how a post did in terms of likes. This feature will post the photo, caption, and comments. 

While users as of now have the ability to turn on or off this feature it can be inferred that influencers who generate millions of likes and engagement per Instagram post will opt to keep this feature off. They are paid for their sponsored posts and are noticed by how many likes they achieve it would be in their best interests to keep that number public and on display. 

Overall, this could be a very interesting new feature for Instagram, one I would be shocked if a lot of users decided to use on their own personal and even professional profiles. 

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This Article Was Written By Victoria Nelli


Victoria is a recent graduate of Monmouth University. She received her Master’s Degree in communication, specializing in Public relations and social media. She manages multiple accounts and social media platforms here at mile social. In her free time, she likes to spend time with friends, see Broadway shows, and traveling.