Instagram’s New Dashboard Feature
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Instagram’s New Dashboard Feature

Instagram is unveiling a new feature that will allow influencers and users alike to maximize their content by offering tips and tricks to not only grow their platform but also increase their engagement rates and interactions. The main components of this new feature offered by Instagram will allow users to grow their brand through branded content and IGTV promotions. Much like Youtube and Tik Tok, a monetized option on creators’ content will be an option that many creators can further look into. 

There will also be an option to keep content creators educated on the ever-changing trends. This will be a hub of inspiration and information for influencers and marketers to see what is working for other content creators and draw upon that for inspiration in their own original content. 

Another useful system that is offered with the new Instagram feature is the ability to highlight key trends. A user’s account will analyze what is working and what is not and will provide users with data notes to help users and content creators improve their content and better their work. 

Instagram is one of the most popular and imperative social media platforms a business can use to market their products and services adding this feature for influencers and content creators is game-changing and something that will definitely help them expand their online presence further and present new opportunities.

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This Article Was Written By Victoria Nelli


Victoria is a recent graduate of Monmouth University. She received her Master’s Degree in communication, specializing in Public relations and social media. She manages multiple accounts and social media platforms here at mile social. In her free time, she likes to spend time with friends, see Broadway shows, and traveling.