Planning Tweets and a Twitter Strategy Make for Effective Social Media Creating a Twitter Strategy
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Planning Tweets and a Twitter Strategy Make for Effective Social Media

Jumping right into 2021 and not wasting any time in the new year Twitter recently unveiled their guide to help with effective social media techniques for their users.  Given the uncertainty that ensued last year, it was hard for companies and influencers to market events and specific dates with everything being up in the air. 

To get ahead of the curve in 2021 Twitter has created a 108-page guide that is meant to help creators and companies better understand their target demographic and explain in detail how to directly market to them when the circumstances going on are unpredictable and ever-changing. 

In this guide, there are hundreds of questions that a company or influencer will fill out to help give their company a distinct voice. The questions are extremely specific and this is done in order to create a unique and individual experience for users when they visit their profile. Some questions for example ask, “If your brand was a person what would their favorite restaurant be?” and “After people interact with your brand they should feel?” Asking questions such as these helps a company not only take a step back and better understand their own company inside and out but also how consumers view their company from an outsider’s perspective. 

The guide that Twitter put out is informative and extremely helpful and is something that should definitely be incorporated into a company or brand’s social media strategy in 2021.  The guide offers up a new insight into a company’s tone and voice. Showing that to users is a great tool.

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This Article Was Written By Victoria Nelli


Victoria is a recent graduate of Monmouth University. She received her Master’s Degree in communication, specializing in Public relations and social media. She manages multiple accounts and social media platforms here at mile social. In her free time, she likes to spend time with friends, see Broadway shows, and traveling.