The benefit of Messenger for Instagram Business Accounts
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The benefit of Messenger for Instagram Business Accounts

API Messenger support is coming to Instagram Business Accounts. What does this mean for your company? Real-time customer service! You will be able to speak directly to potential customers over Instagram. Messages can also be accessed via CRM, allowing a conversation to be part of a customers order history. Similar to Facebook, you can create questions for viewers to choose from, with automated answers appearing immediately. Or choose to speak live with them.

This is an excellent time for Facebook to roll this feature out because the holidays are around the corner. E-commerce company’s will greatly benefit from this feature. Customers can track orders, and ask questions about their purchase. But you do not have to be an e-commerce business. For brick and mortar stores, customers can inquire about specific product availability, pricing, and directions to your location.

Currently, messenger is in beta, and being tested on a few major well-known brands. The decision to move forward with this is due to the increased activity and conversations via direct messaging on Instagram.

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