Tik Tok Adds Payable Video Service For Users
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Tik Tok Adds Payable Video Service For Users

It was announced that Tik Tok will be allowing users to pay content creators on the popular video-sharing app. The new feature will allow users to request shout-out videos through the app and set an amount of money they would like to get in return for their services. This feature is extremely similar to the video requesting app, Cameo. The concept is almost identical in that celebrities and public figures set a price for their video fee and request a video with a topic that they would like the celebrity to touch upon in the video, i.e. a birthday, graduation, special occasion, etc. 

The process for creating and accepting the video for both users and creators is very simple and user-friendly. It also offers content creators a way to weed out inappropriate requests that may come in and allows them to use their own discretion when it comes to videos requests they can accept and choose to participate in. This gives content creators the ability to make even more money on the video-sharing app aside from the creator fund as well as other endorsement and ad deals. This process of submitting a request and waiting on the content creator to accept it is roughly three days. In that time period, the content creator is not required to accept the request. Which is beneficial for the content creator.

While this new feature is definitely going to be utilized by content creators on the app it does seem extremely close to Cameo and may get some backlash in how similar the two apps are. Though a lot of creators who got their start on Tik Tok might feel loyal to the app and stick with the platform. Either way, this new feature will generate buzz and money and will definitely be something to watch out for.

This Article Was Written By Victoria Nelli

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