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To Wait, Or Not To Wait…Just Google It

Google It

You want to go out to eat but did not make a reservation. You call the restaurant to find out the wait time, but no one is answering the phone. How do you find out your wait time? Just Google It.

Google announced they will be rolling out a new feature that shows wait times for restaurants. You find this by “Googling” the restaurant and times will appear next to the restaurant information. This is a major improvement to the existing real-time “busiest times” section. 

How does Google determine the restaurant’s wait time? Google pulls in data from people who use the Google Location History feature. A pop-up box will appear when the user clicks on the timeframe that he or she wants to dine. This will only work for listings that are set up correctly and being managed.

We live in a fast-paced world where everyone wants information fast, and at their fingertips. Managing your company’s Google My Business listing makes this possible. More importantly, viewers rely on reviews and photos to make their final dining decision, so make sure your content is fresh and relevant. If you’re not sure your GMB is set up correctly, MILE Social will do a free assessment!