What Digital Marketing in 2019 Means
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What Digital Marketing in 2019 Means


When you hear “digital marketing,” what is the first thing that comes to mind? For some it’s spending money. For others, it’s more exposure for their company. Both of these are true. To clarify, it is the action of marketing on any electronic device or digital channel. This includes SEO, PPC, Social Media, and Video Marketing. But each process is different and built for a certain method to reach your audience.

Search Engine Optimization or SEO, focuses on organically growing visibility in search engine results. Key words, and long-tail key words are important because these are the words people use to find companies like yours. The operation and functionality of your website also comes into play. Your website should be secure (https) and search engine friendly. Not only does this make your site more favorable to search engines, but users as well. 

Google handles 94% of total organic traffic. 

Are you managing your Google Business Listing? 28% of searches for something nearby result in a sale. Make sure your business appears in local searches and maps.

Pay-Per-Click, or PPC, is a form of marketing where advertisers pay a fee each time one of their ads is clicked. Advertisers, or companies, bid for placement on search engines. When a user searches a keyword that relates to their business, the company’s ad is usually seen. Google drives 95% of all paid search ad clicks on mobile. 

66% of buyer-intent keywords are paid clicks.

Social Media is a form of Internet marketing that utilizes social networking websites as a marketing tool. Virtually everyone has one type of social media platform he or she uses. Facebook is still the largest platform and content consumption has increased by 57% on that platform alone. Not far behind in users is Instagram with over 1 billion monthly users. Instagram makes up 28.2% of Facebook’s mobile ad revenue. Social media advertising offers multiple outlets for companies to reach their target audience, specifically if they are B2C. For example, younger consumers prefer Instagram over LinkedIn. If your company is looking for B2B sales, LinkedIn may be the way to go.

Instagram mobile ad revenue is expected to hit nearly $7 billion this year.

Video Marketing is the fastest growing form of marketing. It is the most engaging of all marketing strategies. It can be used on many platforms including email blasts and social media. Video marketing can teach potential consumers about your business, or can be used for viral entertainment. Not all videos need sound either. This especially important for videos that are viewed on a mobile device. 53% of smartphone users feel more favorable towards companies who’s mobile sites proved instructional videos. A captioned video with no sound is as likely to be viewed by a captivating audience. 

Product videos can increase purchases by 144%.

Where does your company stand with digital marketing? Companies with smaller budgets can benefit from digital marketing as long as their efforts are planned. Start going digital! Contact MILE Social today for a free consultation or call 732-889-3322.

This Article Was Written By Courtney Kwiatkowski

Courtney combines her passion for Social Media and expertise with over 10 years of project management. As the Director of Social Media for MILE Social, Courtney oversees the social media platforms for every client. From strategizing, to content creation, to analytics, Courtney ensures MILE Social's clients turn their audience into paying clients.