Youtube Shorts are Coming Soon
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Youtube Shorts are Coming Soon

In competition against the uber-popular video-sharing app, Tik Tok, Youtube is launching Youtube Shorts. This new feature on Youtube will allow users to elaborate more resources and time on the video-sharing app. The editing features offered on the app will be more in-depth and allow creators to create and produce more advanced content. Much like how Tik Tok’s interface is done, all the content will be created in the app. In addition to making audio from millions of Youtube videos available on the new service, users and content creators will also have access to Youtube’s owned music as well.
This will be a great tool and opportunity for content creators on Youtube to expand their audience and fanbase as well as give them a chance to explore their creativity further than they have in the past. The setup of the app is very like Tik Tok and is made easy for users. One of the main goals for Youtube for this initiative is to see how people can deepen connections with content creators through these shorter and more constructed and curated videos. This new initiative will help creators who are used to the mobile format and is believed to be successful
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