Will You Be Saying Goodbye to Facebook Likes?
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Will You Be Saying Goodbye to Facebook Likes?

A while ago Instagram announced that they would be working with the idea of possibly removing the like count on users posts. This would be optional to users and users would be able to customize their profile as to whether their followers could see it on their profile or not. This week Facebook announced that they too will be also partaking in this new update. Announcing this feature sparked a bit of controversy amongst Instagram users though it is not surprising that Facebook would also be hopping on this trend.  

While this seems to be a trend that many social media platforms are going to be leaning towards in the near future it does not seem to be beneficial to users. Companies, brands, and influencers make most of their profit based on their likes and engagement and without that being prominently on display it seems like this might affect their brand. 

Overall this new feature does not seem like something that would be beneficial, it seems like something someone with not a lot of followers or engagement might want to use but even then, it does not seem necessary. In theory, it’s a decent idea but it doesn’t serve a purpose that will be positive to users. This feature seems like one that will eventually die out and will slowly disappear within an update that will occur. While it might sound good in theory and slightly appealing to some users overall this feature does not particularly have many benefits to it as a whole.

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This Article Was Written By Victoria Nelli

Victoria is a recent graduate of Monmouth University. She received her Master’s Degree in communication, specializing in Public relations and social media. She manages multiple accounts and social media platforms here at mile social. In her free time, she likes to spend time with friends, see Broadway shows, and traveling.